Revitol Hair Removal Cream – Fast and Effective for Men and Women

For those of us with lots of unwanted hair, it can be an extreme annoyance and pain.  Men and women both experience unwelcome hair that takes time and effort to remove. We may have hair on our hands, chins, chests, back, and legs that we would love to get rid of permanently. Many options exist from the cheap to the expensive, specialist treatments and procedures. However, I recently discovered Revitol hair removal cream, and it seems to be the answer for both men and women.

The cheapest treatment that can be self-administered is hair removal cream. The more expensive treatments are the laser procedures at specialist salons or clinics. Creams are your best bet if you want something that’s effective, fast, easy to do, can be done at home, and is cost-effective.



Revitol is a Revolution



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A permanent hair removal cream can do wonders, if you buy the best product. A few products on the market seem to offer very little in terms of results, whereas a cream like Revitol provides an effective alternative to costly laser treatments.

revitol hair removal cream results

Revitol is fast becoming the leading brand in hair removal and beauty.

Revitol provides great results and value for money, especially if you’re on a tight budget. The benefits are obvious, it simply works and works well. When using the cream, all you do is apply the cream to the desired areas and leave it on for up to ten minutes. Then remove the cream and the hair will be gone too.  Note that results do vary from person to person.

I spoke to the supplier (Cindy) in my area and got some free samples which I gave to friends, not clients. Everyone who tried it gave me really positive feedback. When I applied the cream I was instantly surprised at the really light and smooth texture and the wonderful scent it provided. Compared to a few other brands I have used in the past this was by far the best on the outset, but how did it fair when it came down to results…?

I must admit my hair growth wasn’t really at the optimum level for testing, although I did have some growth I sure wasn’t expecting the results it produced. I left the cream on for 8 minutes on a small patch of hair on my left leg, after removing there wasn’t even any sign of the follicles let alone hair, also my skin felt very smooth and well moisturized.

hair removal cream treatment


While some hair removal creams can leave marks you wont find this problem with Revitol, well I personally didn’t and neither did my five friends who also tried it and were impressed with the results. I spoke to Cindy to pass on the feedback I’d received and she wasn’t really all that surprised. She advised that a small percentage might not see huge changes immediately, but will notice a huge difference after a few applications, while most are amazed with the results on first use.

I have also discovered that it is very effective in the pubic region especially if you are sensitive in this area.

If you’re like me then you will know that most hair removal creams can be very unkind to us women down below, sorry guys I know some of you have suffered too!

“First you need to know that not all creams are good for your pubic area. The skin in this region is thin and very sensitive. When it comes to choosing a product to apply to this area it needs to be tried and tested and designed to work on sensitive and delicate areas. Revitol is the best product on the market. It works even for those with sensitive skin. Your skin feels soft after using this product. It is also affordable and widely available. One tube of cream will last you several sessions, hence saving you the expense.”

Cindy Leenson – Revitol Representative

So why should you choose this cream?


revitol hair removal cream why


The cream undergoes a thorough dermatological test to make sure that it is completely safe for your skin. It is made up of natural and herbal extracts and can be used by both men and women. It helps keep the skin soft and moisturized after use. It can also be used on other parts of the body other than the pubic region. Here are some advantages of using Revitol over other brands:

why choose revitol

  • It is completely effortless and pain free.
  • It contains 100% natural ingredients and therefore has no side effects.
  • Other than the pubic region, it can be used on the legs, back and any other part of the body.
  • It’s easy to apply.
  • In addition to removing the unwanted hair it also moisturizes your skin and leaves it soft and supple.
  • You only need one application to remove the hair. You don’t have to apply it more than once since it gets to the lower parts of the hair structure in a few minutes.
  • It’s completely odourless, unlike other hair removal creams that tend have bad smells.


To get the maximum benefit from this cream you need to follow these steps:

    1. Before using it to remove pubic hair take a warm shower. This opens up the pores of your skin.
    2. Do not rub the cream on to the skin when applying. Just dab it over the area to prevent it from going inside the pores.
    3. Leave it for the time indicated by the manufacturer on the packet.
    4. Clean the cream together with the dissolved hair with a warm cotton cloth, then rinse the whole area with warm water (make sure it’s not too hot).
    5. Leave the skin for a few hours before applying moisturizers and other products.

Real User Testimonial

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This cream is becoming the most trusted brand on the market and has proven to deliver excellent results. Always read the instructions on the packet and never leave a hair removal cream on the skin for over ten minutes. This could cause you burns and sensitivity. If you want to have your pubic area looking smooth and glowing then go for it and enjoy all the benefits. If you are already using it then buy it for friends or loved ones and let them enjoy the benefits too.