Brazilian Wax Tips – Preparation with Wax

I have detailed the below tips so that you can carefully prepare and take great care of your skin, the following tips should help reduce pain, it is also vitally important to know what to expect when getting this type of waxing procedure, whether it be in a salon or completing it yourself at home. Irritation is one of the main complaints from women who get this type of waxing and lets not forget that men suffer from the same symptoms.

brazilian wax tips

Brazilian waxing is becoming increasingly popular for both male and female due to the smooth hair free look it provides. Having a smooth bikini line is something that is attractive to both sexes and with the holiday season everyone wants to look and feel there best.

Caution is required when removing hair with any type of procedure especially for those who opt for the do-it-yourself method.

Tips on Preparing

brazilian wax preparation

  • If you opt for salon waxing, then you need to be extremely careful with whom you choose. Researching credentials is essential, as you want someone who is fully licensed to perform this sort of procedure. I have heard first hand about a lot of waxing that has went horribly wrong. This is one of the most important steps to follow, first time Virgin Waxers beware. When searching for waxing specialist try and locate a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetican, these are skilled practitioners that you can trust with this type of waxing procedure.
  • If your area is limited and has none of the above practitioners then my best advice would be to visit your local salon and get a less evasive procedure completed before moving on and scheduling a Brazilian. This should give a good indication of the quality, expertise and service the salon or spa provides.
  • It may also be beneficial and keep your ear to the ground and find other recommendations from close friends or work colleagues.
  • If your a woman make sure your timing is right, skin sensitivity is more likely to occur when your period is due. Trust me on this point, as when I got first Brazilian completed this was something I was unaware off and swore after it that I would never get another one due to the pain I endured. Keep your appointment about a week before or a week after your period. There is no need to tell you that this type of waxing will be refused if you’re on your period.
  • With salons and waxing centers becoming increasingly more stringent with hygiene it is recommended you also shower in warm water and apply a small bit of exfoliating cream around the area to loosen up the hair.
  • Do not treat the area with any moisturizing agents or oils as this will only hinder the waxing procedure and results will be less effective.
  • If completing a Brazilian at home or salon, making sure your hair growth is a decent length is critical for achieving the best results. While the desire maybe there to shave or trim to shorten the length, please refrain from doing so, remember the salon experts have seen it all before. It would take quite a lot to shock them. If it’s your first time booking with a salon they should provide you with a list of requirements before the visit. If they don’t well your research has failed and it’s back to the drawing board.
  • Nerves can get the better of you especially when it’s your first time, you may be feeling embarrassed or just worried about the pain. I meditate so that usually calms all my nerves, if your not practiced in the arts then settle for a some kind of pain killer just make sure it’s suitable for you. Avoid Ibuprofen & Aspirin due to their blood thinning properties.

The Procedure

brazilian wax tips procedure

  • It’s hard to know what to ask for when it is your first Brazilian, so researching some styles might not be a bad idea before you arrive. Most Brazilians involve hair removal from your bum area and between the legs. The styling is very important and you can get very creative, so choosing one that fits your personality is something to be aware of.

brazilian wax styles

  • Be prepared to lend a helping hand, this shocks some first time Brazilian waxers. While it may not happen it’s good to know what to expect as all salons have different methods in completing this type of waxing.
  • No pain, No Gain – That’s not exactly true, first of all everyone has different skin, some which is more sensitive than others. Hopefully at the very most you will only experience some slight discomfort if any.

After Care

brazilian wax aftercare

  • Keep yourself fashionable but refrain from any tight choices, loose is definitely the way to go. The skin will settle in a few days after, get tight and creative the following weekend.
  • Keep your hands cleansed and use anti-bacterial spray on them, try not too touch the treated area as this may result is small spots and annoying irritation.
  • Looking forward to a relaxing hot bath to calm your nerves after waxing, forget about it. Showering is your new friend for the next two days.
  • The use of steam rooms, sauna and sunbeds is not advised for at least two days after the treatment.
  • If you’re thinking about going home and showing off your work of art and feeling frisky, well now is not the time. After treatment it is advised to refrain from all sexual activity for approximately 48hrs.
  • Exfoliation is the missing link and most people forget to treat the area after getting a Brazilian wax, this really helps to prevent any ingrown hairs. My recommendation is to use Ayate washcloth, the cloth is gentle on the skin and is a perfect pro wax solution. Please do not exfoliate if you are experiencing any irritation on the skin, wait until it settles before completing.
  • Sometimes bumps cannot be avoided and ingrown hairs will appear, don’t get too down about it.
  • There is a product called Tend Skin which will sort those annoying little growths, personally I would order Tend Skin before getting the wax done as it’s very handy to have should you need it.


Brazilian Wax Tips